Communicate and Win! – International Business Meetings (CW)

In today’s global economy virtually all key roles within an organisation require the ability to communicate and effectively present in meetings and negotiations, either internally with colleagues or externally with clients or suppliers.

Communicate and Win - Why should you attend? Meetings, negotiations and idea-selling competence has become an invaluable skill to succeed in today’s competitive business. Increasingly there is the need for this communication to be in English, the international language of business. Being aware of the cross-cultural aspects of international meetings and negotiations is also a vital factor in being successful.

Communicate and Win - Who should attend? Professional business people who need to communicate and present in English at international meetings and negotiations and wish to do so more effectively and persuasively.

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Communicate and Win! – International Business Meetings -otsikkokuva
6 kk (sis. 2 valmennuspäivää)
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Communicate and Win! – International Business Meetings -valmennuksen sisältö

Turning Theory into Practice

The key in our interactive hands-on workshop is to encourage participants to develop their communication skills in situations and contexts relevant to their professional work. The programme will be based around the needs of the participants, developing business communication skills through practice presentations, meetings and negotiations, active listening practice, extensive role-plays and frequent group and individual feedback.

Practical business communication skills will be developed in the following contexts:

Effective meetings and negotiations

  • Preparing for meetings and negotiations
  • Establishing aims
  • Opening and closing meetings
  • Agreeing and disagreeing
  • Clarifying and confirming
  • Interrupting and dealing with interruptions
  • Active listening skills
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Making concessions
  • Proposing and bargaining
  • Getting to the YES

Presentations and idea-selling at meetings

  • Preparation
  • Personal projection: how to use voice and words to communicate the message with maximum impact
  • Relating the presentation to the audience.
  • Techniques for handling an audience effectively and handling difficult situations

Practical application

  • Role-plays and practice negotiations
  • Individual and group feedback
  • Discussion of inter-cultural factors

Direct benefits to the individual and company

  • Improving your international business communication skills for greater success in meetings and negotiations
  • Individual feedback on your communication skills
  • Perfecting your skills to be more persuasive and effective
  • Building on your skills in preparing for the meeting
  • Increasing your confidence in the international context with clients and colleagues
  • Increasing your awareness of working successfully in a cross cultural environment

Recommended Online materials

in English in English
  1. Recognizing cultural difference
  2. Remote Communication Across Cultures
  3. High Impact Communication – Shaping your message
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